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We are looking for students, writers and travelers who have literary enthusiasm and ability... Work for us as an intern by focusing on a particular writer whose work has been published in English and which could be featured as a tour in any country in the world. Suitable articles will be featured on the site and may form the basis for a special interest tour. There may be some travel opportunities for suitable candidates. We are also interested in hearing from literary travelers with stories from their own journeys, where to go, what to do and hints and tips for literary travelers.

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About Us

Travel2Books is a division of The British Connection Inc. a special interest tour operator company focusing on educational special interest travel including tourism marketing and consultancy.

The Travel2Books website and newsletter feature literary tours and experiences throughout the world with an emphasis on Britain, Ireland and Europe and places in the world with a British connection.

The tours that we feature on the site offer experiences of literary travel, travel in the footsteps of a given author or visiting a country and the locations of a film about a book. The site is also a resource for the armchair literary traveler who wishes to learn and experience but not travel or not just now. It can also be used to add to independent researches into travel to a particular country or relating to a particular author or book.

The articles that we feature are written specifically for Travel2Books or have been written by a participant in one of our British Connection or Irish Connection programs giving the reader a hands on view of what it was like to be there and to be a part of the group visiting Britain or Ireland or New Zealand - whatever country or place is significant to the story. Some of these tours are featured on www.specialtytravel.com

Articles about our literary tours have been featured in the much loved (but no longer living) Victoria Magazine - an article on the Shakespeare tour by Erika Mark in 2000 was very well received by readers and the tour won the Top Ten tours of the Year 2000 award for the educated traveler by The Educated Traveler magazine. The Jane Austen tour was mentioned in a Questions and Answers section of Travel and Leisure and The New York Times featured the Northern Writers tour in the Sunday Travel section Questions and Answers. The tours have also been the focus for travel on www.bbcamerica.com and are listed on the Literary Traveler site www.literarytraveler.com

Trave2Books is a division of The British Connection Inc. Other divisions of the company are Travel2Gardens and The Irish Connection. The parent company was founded in Atlanta in 1993 by Annabella Fitch Hutton, formerly a University Professor and a City planner, with a Masters degree in English and Sociology from the University of Edinburgh and a postgraduate City Planning qualification from the University of Westminster in London. She has dual British and American citizenship. The company is a special interest tour operator and consultancy focusing on educational travel especially for the Alumni and University sectors. Travel2Books works on custom travel with Literary themes for groups, Book clubs, Travel companies, individuals and families. The Founder of the company is assisted by Cecelia Burke, an American of Irish heritage with a keen interest in all things Irish. Cecelia studied literature for three years at Illinois State University, working towards a teaching degree. Technical advice is provided by Alexander Hutton who has strong interest in fantasy literature and films and is currently a student at Emory University. A small team of people in England and the United States complete the picture.

The British Connection inc. is a member of The World Trade Center Atlanta and The British American Business Group.

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